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  • Plastic Stoppers

    A line of reliable plastic closures

    and economic for the capping of different

    models of bottles, various suitable articles


    still wines, sparkling and

    for the medium term sparkling.

  • Synthetic wine stoppers

    EXPANCORK is the line specializing in the production of

    synthetic stoppers foams for the storage of wines, liquors,

    oil and distillates. A pioneer in 1995, the brand is now firmly established,

    EXPANCORK continues its path of development

    anticipating and satisfying the needs of the market.

  • Crown caps 29mm

    The line includes various types crowns

    of crown in various materials and with different seals

    useful to ensure a good seal of still wines, sparkling,

    sparkling wines, beer, cider, etc ... A historical closure,

    thank topcap, it is now even more powerful and safe!

  • Natural corks stoppers

    Labrenta specializes in the production of natural corks one that is absolutely

    the most ecologica.Infatti closure is realized with the best quality of cork on the market

    without the use of chemical additives such as adhesives. The natural wine cork stopper is recommended

    to preserve important noble wines with permanza very long time in the bottle,

    Also over 20 years of aging.

  • Corks micro agglomerate

    The cork micro agglomerate is realized with natural cork grains

    of dimensions comprised between 0.5 and 3 mm. It 'available in several grades

    which identify its destination of use and therefore the type of wine.

    The micro-agglomerated cork stoppers are suitable for the preservation of still wines,

    sparkling wines and slightly sparkling wines.

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Mostrando 1 - 12 di 41 articoli